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Winter School

Globsyn Winter School began in 2005, in response to the popularity of the Summer School and the demand for professionally driven technology program tracks. Held during the winter vacations, each program track is designed keeping in view the latest industry trends and needs - making it a one-of-its-kind 'industry readiness' program.

Globsyn Winter School encourages engineering students to utilize their winter vacations by learning and developing their IT skills, gearing them for their future IT careers.

Program Highlights

  • Training faculty accredited by global IT giants like IBM, CapGemini, CTS, Siemens, TCS, Tech-Mahindra, Wipro, R S Software etc.
  • In-depth theoretical grooming to build up developmental competency.
  • The Project Report is recognized by WBUT as part of the Vocational Training mandate.
  • Participation and project certificate for all successful candidates
  • Projects similar to real-life applications.
  • Formal Project Evaluation by Technical panel

Database Management System using Oracle 10g
Program outline
  • Basic RDBMS concept
  • SQL PLUS Fundamentals
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • DDL, DML, TCL, Retrieval Commands
  • Write PL/SQL code to interface with the database
  • Create stored procedures and functions
  • Design PL/SQL packages to group and contain related constructs
  • Create triggers to solve business challenges
  • Introduction to Oracle 10g Form builder to develop front-end application
  • Developing and running form builder applications
  • Form builder major tool set
  • Form and Menu Module
  • Editors , alerts , LOV's , Record Groups etc.
  • PL/SQL Library Modules
  • Oracle Forms Deployment in Application Server

Pre-requisites: Basic RDBMS concept and SQL
On successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Design and create database schema
  • Write efficient SQL statement
  • Write efficient back-end PL/SQL programming that can be used by front-end application
  • Write trigger to implement complex constraints
  • Develop a web application interacting with remote oracle database for implementing basic user requirements

*Training Fee: Rs.6,000 per Participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Enterprise development using C# in .NET

Program outline:
  • Overview of Object Orientation.
  • .NET Framework Concepts.
  • C# language fundamentals with Console and Windows Application.
  • Object Orientation implementation with C#.
  • Events and Delegates.
  • ADO.NET.
  • A brief on storing and retrieving data from XML.
  • Project on ASP.NET, ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005.

Exit Profile:
On successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Understand .NET Framework and its Architecture.
  • Develop Windows Application using C# as code-behind.
  • Apply ADO.NET architecture to connect to Data Store.
  • Develop ASP.NET web application using C# as code-behind.

*Training Fee: Rs.6,000 per Participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Web Based Enterprise Application Development using JEE
Program outline
  • Introduction to JEE
  • Developing Web page through HTML
  • Java Servlet Technology
  • JDBC and its application in Servlet.
  • Java Server Pages Technology
  • Web Application Architecture - MVC Model 1 and Model 2
  • Project

[Pre-requisites: [Sound Knowledge of Java including I/O programming]

*Training Fee: Rs.6,000 per Participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Exit Profile:
On successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to
  • Understand the design of JEE based web applications
  • Write scalable, maintainable and stable web based JEE web applications
  • Design and write JSP and Servlet optimally.
  • Start learning JEE based web application framework like STRUTS and JSF
  • Start learning JEE business components using EJB
Application development using Java 6.
Program outline
  • Getting started with Java
  • Object Oriented Programming using Java
  • Classes in Java
  • Objects in Java
  • Inheritance in Java
  • Abstract Class & Interface
  • Packages in Java
  • Exceptions and Error Handling
  • Multi Threaded Programming in Java
  • Input and Output Streams
  • Swing (Applet and Frames)
  • Layouts Manager Classes
  • User Interfaces with Swing Components
  • Event Handling
  • Generics and Collections

*Training Fee: Rs.6,000 per Participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Exit Profile:
On successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Implement object oriented methodology to develop java application.
  • Develop Java Application to manipulate data in text/binary format
  • Write applet to develop dynamic web pages
Programming with PHP
Programming with PHP Program outline
  • PHP MYSql
  • Getting started with PHP
  • Object Oriented Programming using PHP
  • Control Statements & Functiona
  • Call by value & Call by name
  • String Handling in PHP
  • Input / Output file handiling in PHP
  • Design & develop Web application
  • Basic RDBMS & MySql
  • PHP/MySQL driver issue
  • Writing PHP programs using MYSql as back-end database
  • Live Project in PHP & MYSql

*Training Fee: Rs 6,000/- per participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Programmable Logical Control (PLC) with Scada
  • PLC (Basics)
    • Introduction
    • Bit Logic (Ladder)
    • Timer / Counter
    • Practice
    • Data types / Analog
  • Scada (Basics)
    • Introduction
    • Trend / Alarm
    • Practice
  • Project
    • Electrical : Motor control with Drives
    • Instrumentation : Temperature control with PID
    • Electronics : Communication in Industrial Automation

*Training Fee: Rs.6,000 per Participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)

Networking Program outline
  • Computers and Software in Networks
  • Carrier Signals, Cable Types, and Network Topologies
  • Computer Protocols and Services
  • Networking Standards and the OSI Model
  • Network Components

Exit Profile: On successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to

  • Management and Utility Software
  • From Applications to the Network
  • Details about Communication Signals & topology
  • Protocol Layers and Services
  • Stacking and Unstacking Protocols
  • Networking components: Repeaters and Hubs,Switches,Bridges,Routers,Gateways

*Training Fee: Rs 6,000/- per participant (Inclusive of all Taxes)


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