Result of different placement drives organised by Globsyn Skills...

At Globsyn, we understand that as an NSDC certified training provider our trainees have come to expect that we assist them in finding jobs that match their skill set. Hence we have created a platform where our certified, skilled students are able to meet corporate recruiters who are in need of them. The objective is to make the process of finding employment completely reliable, where sector relevant job postings make it convenient for both the job-seeker and the recruiter to focus on their specific requirements without undue wastage of time at either end. Besides the digital effort at providing appropriate job opportunities to our trainees through SkillsXchange, Globsyn expedites the process of placement for its skilled, SSC certified trainees through its Industry Connect Programs (ICPs) at regular intervals.

The ICPs are placement drives enabled by the Globsyn Corporate Relationship Team wherein one or more corporate entities from various sectors across the industry are invited to hire skilled resources of their choice in one physical space on a single day. By making large-scale, intensive use of various media, Globsyn mobilizes its skilled trainees and makes them available for interviews/assessment by corporates by providing the necessary infrastructure required to execute the process efficiently. Through this mutually beneficial arrangement of ICPs, corporates are able to recruit certified, skilled employees at a minimal cost and Globsyn trainees succeed in finding employment opportunities with renowned companies at ease. These ICPs are not only conducted at the Globsyn Headquarters in Kolkata but also at multiple locations through Globsyn Skills partner network.

The ICPs have been successful in providing employment to a huge number of Globsyn trainees. Given below is a select list of trainees who have recently been recruited by reputed organizations through ICPs.

List of students who have received offer letters during 2nd National Skills Convocation held on 16th January, 2016:

Sr. No.Candidate NameCompany Name
1Dipak AmagiEureka Forbes
2Sirajul ShaikhEureka Forbes
3Rizu MondalEureka Forbes
4Sk. KhurshidEureka Forbes
5Samima KhatunEureka Forbes
6Mohammadin Sk.Eureka Forbes
7Sudipta JanaEureka Forbes
8Sudip PalEureka Forbes
9Rajia KhatunEureka Forbes
10Rakia KhatunEureka Forbes
11Ariffinuddin MollaEureka Forbes
12Sk. Asgar AliKhadims
13Md. Arif MollaKhadims
14Asif BaidyaKhadims
15Anushree SantraMax Retail
16Priyanka RoyMax Retail
17Pravati MondalMax Retail
18Farjana KhatunMax Retail
19Mousumi DeyIndia Infoline
20Jaya BaruaIndia Infoline
21Rohit Kumar SinghIndia Infoline
22Arup Kumar MajiIndia Infoline
23Sheuli SenIndia Infoline
24Arnab BhuniaIndia Infoline
25Chiranjit GhoshIndia Infoline
26Sk Monij AhamedIndia Infoline
27Sk Abdul HalimIndia Infoline
28Manisha GuptaIndia Infoline
29Devika PalIndia Infoline
30Debraj PaulIndia Infoline
31Prabir SikderIndia Infoline
32Tuli SenIndia Infoline
33Sk AjijulIndia Infoline
34Dilip KuriIndia Infoline
35Badsha SekhIndia Infoline
36Sumit DuttaIndia Infoline
37Bubai DuttaIndia Infoline
38Suman Kr DeyIndia Infoline
39Jyoti guptaIndia Infoline
40Saheli BisalIndia Infoline
45Subhadra PaikBata
46Zafar HossainBata
47Rumki BaruaBata
41Md. Wasim AhmedBillion Smiles
42Sk Abdul SalemBillion Smiles
43Debasish MaityBillion Smiles
44Debabrata DasBillion Smiles
48Soumen BanerjeeHDFC Bank Ltd.
49Deep Kumar MaityHDFC Bank Ltd.
50Manisha GuptaReliance Trends
51Jyoti GuptaReliance Trends
52Soumen SarkarTCS
53Ganesh HazraBhandari Automobiles

Result of the Short-listed candidates at Industry Connect Program (Placement Drive) held on 16th October, 2015:

SlCandidate NameCompany Name
1Angkshuman DasEureka Forbes
2Bikash BuragohainEureka Forbes
3Zina Khatun SanfuiReliance Trendz
4Sajal HalderReliance Trendz
5Ashmita ShardaEureka Forbes
6Preeti KhandeliaEureka Forbes
7Shivani AgarwalEureka Forbes
8Puja BeraEureka Forbes
9Mousumi BorahEureka Forbes
10Sopnali BordoloiEureka Forbes
11Pallabi GuwalaEureka Forbes
12Parismita BorahEureka Forbes
13Simran YesminEureka Forbes
14Sipra ChetiaEureka Forbes

Result of Industry Connect Program (Placement Drive) held on 19th September, 2015:

SlCandidate NameCompany Name
1Nabanita SinghaHDFC Bank
2Madhumita SahaHDFC Bank
3Srikanta SatraHDFC Bank
4Mohidul SeikhHDFC Bank
5Deep Kumar MaityHDFC Bank
6Souvik DasHDFC Bank
7Shuvankar SahaHDFC Bank
8Milan Kr MalHDFC Bank
9Suman Kr DeyHDFC Bank
10Resaj Ali KhanHDFC Bank
11Soumen BanerjeeHDFC Bank
12Ujjal BhattacharjeeHDFC Bank
13Subhadip GopeHDFC Bank
14Tanmoy SarkarHDFC Bank
15Md Enamur RahamanReliance Communication
16Niloy GhoshReliance Communication
17Arnab BhuniaReliance Communication
18Kuheli DasReliance Communication
19Mampi RoyReliance Communication
20Sonu GuptaReliance Communication
21Jyoti GuptaReliance Communication
22Deep Kr MaityReliance Communication
23Sk Abdul HalimReliance Communication
24Souvik SikdarReliance Communication
25Labani NaskarReliance Trends
26Malay Kr DasReliance Trends
27Zina KhatunReliance Trends
28Rabi RajakReliance Trends
29Sajal HalderReliance Trends
30Madhumita SahaReliance Trends
31Saheli BishalReliance Trends
32Abdul KalamReliance Trends
33Abdul HalimReliance Trends
34Partha SharmaReliance Trends
35Rasid MollaReliance Trends
36Manojit MondalReliance Trends
37Manisha GuptaReliance Trends
38Milan Ali SkReliance Trends
39Ayan NaskarReliance Trends
40Jyoti GuptaReliance Trends
41Rakib KhanEureka Forbes
42Debnath MondalEureka Forbes
43Subhankar SahaEureka Forbes
44Prasenjit MahapatraEureka Forbes
45Sandip SantraEureka Forbes
46Sk AkashEureka Forbes
47Sujit Kr MaityEureka Forbes
48Sumanta DhaniEureka Forbes
49Partha SharmaEureka Forbes
50Biplab KaranEureka Forbes
51Souvik SikdarEureka Forbes
52Chiranjit HalderSpeciality
53Sumit BanerjeeSpeciality
54Swarupan DasSpeciality
55Joydeb RoySpeciality
56Prabir SikdarSpeciality
57Milan Ali SkSpeciality
58Biplab KararSpeciality
59Jayanta Kr SahaSpeciality
60Abhijit MondalSpeciality
61Sudip PalSpeciality
62Malay Kr DasDelhivery
63Hasmallullah MollaDelhivery
64Runtu GhoshDelhivery
65Niloy GhoshDelhivery
66Bhusan RahamanDelhivery
67Prodip KanrarBhandari
68Rajib Kr RoutBhandari
69Souvik JanaBhandari
70Ganesh HazraBhandari

Result of Industry Connect Program (Placement Drive) held on 16th May, 2015:

SlCandidate NameCompany Name
1.Milan kumar MaalDish Tv India Ltd
2.Saheb MandalDish Tv India Ltd
3.Badsha SeikhDish Tv India Ltd
4.Akul ShekDish Tv India Ltd
5.Suman ShawDish Tv India Ltd
6.Shanku DeyDish Tv India Ltd
7.Saikat NaskarDish Tv India Ltd
8.Amit Kr maityDish Tv India Ltd
9.Debasish SahooDish Tv India Ltd
10.Abhijit SamantaDish Tv India Ltd
11.Samrat RoyDish Tv India Ltd
12.Mashud AhamedDish Tv India Ltd
13.Hasmatulla MollahDish Tv India Ltd
14.Sk. Niza MudinDish Tv India Ltd
15.Abhishek BasuDish Tv India Ltd
17.ABU SAMAD SEKHDish Tv India Ltd
18.DEBASISH GHOSHDish Tv India Ltd
20.IMRAN SHAIKHDish Tv India Ltd
22.PRABIR SIKDERDish Tv India Ltd
23.CHIRANJIT SAHADish Tv India Ltd
24.Animesh PaulRGS Fashion Pvt. Ltd
25.Saika IshaqKredent Academy
26.Farah ParveenKredent Academy